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Welcome to Kinara

Kinara Power Systems and Projects Pvt Ltd, a professionally managed company established in the year of 1994, has been designing, manufacturing and marketing UPS systems,stabilizers,DCpower systems and solar powered equipments.Kinara owes its reputation largely to its in house R&D activity. Because it does not believe in resting on its laurel.But believes in continuously updating its Technology to improve its products Quality with high standards.Kinara Products have gained high acclaim for its use of State-of-the-art-technology and the adoption of excellent Engineering Practices.

Why Solar?

  • To satisfy our hunger for power
  • It is free
  • It is clean
  • It is renewable
  • Easy to capture
  • It reduces utility costs
  • It is extremely reliable
  • It is environment friendly
  • Solar panels do not create noise
  • More solar energy we use the less fossil fuel we need
  • Solar PV panels do not emit harmful hours gases that cause "Global Warming"
  • Make your house stand out!!!
  • Renewable source because it is constantly replenished

We are extremely glad with Kinara's quality of works,after sales service,positive approach, timely delivery of designs and drawings, quotations,prompt site visits,active participation in the review meetings,flexiblity in adopting our requirements suitable to our budget,delivery commitments and resolving the site related crises by interacting with other vendors and our team.


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